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Welcome to the grade 7 homework page.
Good day parents !

Several parents and students have asked to become members of the grade 7 homework page. Unfortunately, we can only accept students and parents as visitors, as the people who are part of this Wikispaces website can change the contents of the page. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may give any of our grade 7 parents.

Please keep in mind that the homework page is used as a backup to your child's agenda. Students should bring their agendas home each day and copy each assignment due. Please check the agenda nightly.

Mathématiques 7e année

- Multiplication and quiz each week. Students must have

their multiplication facts mastered in grade 7. The

multiplications will go from 0 to 12, then to 15. They will have to answer 20 questions in 3 minutes.

- Homework sheets. Students will receive a new

homework sheet each week. They will receive

them on the last day of the week and they must

pass it in by Thursday. All work must be shown

on the page.

This is reinforcement to the work that is being

done in class.

These are the homework pages, in case students have

lost or misplaced them.

Grade 7 :

Grade 8 :

- Here are a few documents which may be of use to students for science fair projects. For more information, please contact Mme Fillmore.